Accessibility Report

nce the manual monitor is complete, we use our automated tools again to scan the website, until we are certain that we covered every text, button, image, video, and other features of your website.

When this process is over, we issue the report to your email in a PDF file

However, the automated feature is not the only tool at our disposal. For a full web accessibility process, we also run a manual check with our accessibility experts.

The manual scan is no less important than the automated scan. As many accessibility providers chiefly focus on an automated audit, we always recommend running the manual scan as well, because as a company that has remediated websites for over a decade, we know that some accessibility fixes require the human eye

At EqualWeb we care about the privacy of our clients. We are deeply focused and engaged in providing the highest levels of security measures to ensure the confidentiality of your digital properties and data. EqualWeb does not interfere in any way with your website’s code. Accessibility Report The monitor scan is completely external and does not modify any element on your website.

All of our digital products are designed with the most rigorous standards of security in mind.

Our consultants are knowledgeable in the highest privacy standards, ensuring that all conversations, digital data, and proprietary information are kept safe throughout the process.

Moreover, the report is confidential and fully yours to use, for any purpose. ADA Compliance You can use the report for internal analysis, for the benefit of your clients, or for governments that require periodic web accessibility reports

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